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29 May 2018 0 tonyclt

Want to add a dash of red to your new home or some activity to do with your child over the weekend or holidays?

Here’s something that you can put together with your child. Make a vase of them to put around the house, or give them away as gifts for occasions such as Teacher’s Day. (Older children might be able to do this on their own)

Felt of various colours – Get them at 5 small rolls a pack from Daiso!
Green straws from Ikea
Narrow double sided tape
UHU glue – the normal stick glue is not strong enough.
Plastic bottles
Yellow paper

1. Cut four slits at one end of the straw, about 1″ long. Cut a strip of yellow paper about 1.5″ x 5″ long, then cut a fringe along one side of the paper, leaving about 1cm of paper intact. Roll this up tightly, and glue into the hole of the straw, on the slit side.

2. Use a pencil (ask your child) to draw your flower shapes on the felt, then cut them out. I used two colours per flower, with the petals on the top layer slightly smaller than the bottom layer. Cut a slit from the side to the centre of each flower. This allows you to “wrap” it around the small column of yellow fringe. Stick in place with double sided tape.

3. Cut out more felt to decorate your bottle. I simply adhered on piece that went all around, and cut little strips of a contrasting colour to make a stitch design on one side. I used double-sided tape, because little kids get a big thrill out of pasting and peeling off the tape.

Other ideas you can try are a felt ribbon, or even cutting out the recipient’s name out of felt.
4. Put the flower(s) in your homemade vase, and you’ve got yourself a pretty new pot of posies! You can try other flower shapes (Cherry Blossoms, Hibiscus, Sunflower etc) too.

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