Ways to Introduce Your Kids to Foreign Languages

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26 Apr 2018 0 tonyclt

When it comes to teaching kids a second language, there can be a confusing array of choices. Here’s some information on the most popular methods to help you find the right way for your child to learn another language.

– Bilingual immersion is a teaching method that is gaining popularity in the United States. In this type of program, learning a second language is integrated with the academic curriculum. Students as young as preschool are placed in a classroom setting where all the teaching, as well as the usual conversation, is done in the language the kids are learning. “This teaches them a second language the way they learn their first language.”

– Extracurricular programs can provide linguistic learning opportunities in areas where bilingual education programs aren’t available.

– Books and videos use your children’s reading and screen time to introduce them to the sounds and writing of other languages.

– Speak to them if you are fluent in a foreign language. “Speaking another language at home was like eating or sleeping, part of our home life. Nothing to it.

– Travel to a foreign country so kids can experience other languages and cultures. Of course, this is not always possible, so what about visiting neighborhoods where other languages are spoken?

– Make it fun! “When a child feels like they’re being taught something, they can tune out and become disinterested very quickly,”

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